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I have been an artist and curator for over 25 years. And I am a DJ coming up on 20 years.   This section is divided into 2 parts that in whole is ARTISLIFE SF.


Artist & Curator

I have been involved in the Bay Area arts, music, and nonprofit scenes since 2000. I was born in Virginia and started pursuing my artistic visions at the VCU School of the Arts. I engulfed myself in the arts and music scenes there.  At first, I started just wanting to be a painter but after 6 months I open myself to the idea of having no boundaries as an artist.  So I learned how to DJ, started writing poetry, did some acting and starred in an underground movie, curated shows of all kinds of artistic expressions and more.  I just tried to soaked up as much as I could in my 5 years in Richmond VA.


After graduating, I moved to San Francisco to start my career as a professional artist. This is where I started to fine tune my managing, producing, and collaboration skills in the arts. A thrive for community art collaborations has been a theme of mine  throughout my career.

Starting out as a painter, I then moved to filmmaking, DJing, poetry and dance -- and realized that I would always be open to all forms of art ideas and opportunities for unique outcomes. I have helped start up two arts magazines and curated all their events from fundraisers, galas, to art shows. I was a founder of a variety performance night and slowly started DJing all over California. I currently show my various forms of art all over the city. I continue to collaborate with organizations and artists with a progressive mindsets and Always try to live out to what I try to preach. "Art Is Life."  (Go to ARTIST CV page and view my art projects over the last 18 years.)        
























































DJ selector / Art Is Life SF

I rock many styles of music at art events, club residences, corporate functions, weddings, and top billin’ social functions, from coast to coast.                       --------------------------------------I’m have been a repeat vendor for Pinterest, Fortune Magazine, Supervisor Jane Kim, SF.Center For The Book, among others.                         -------------------------------------I love a variety of music styles (Hip-Hop, Funk, House, New Wave, EDM, Top 40, Indy Rock, Soul, Jazz, etc.) As a top curator talent and a true lover of music, I constantly study new trends in music for a living.    I am member of Vinyl Dreams - "The Best Electronic Music Vinyl Shop in Sf."  I work on booking shows for the talented retro future crew.    -------------------------------------The difference between me and other DJs is that I go all out to give the people what they want. My experience in curating and detail-oriented communication style adds real value in creating a well thought out and memorable event. WE design your event together!  I take great pride in reading the crowd, blending tracks, and creating an unique set to keep the event on fire.  I am kind, reliable and bring all of my heart to your event.




Photographer: Gabriel Wheeler